Lawn Care

lawncareOur lawn care (maintenance) program is very important to sustaining a beautiful property. Lawn maintenance programs are typically 28-32 weeks, starting in March and ending in December. A season starts off with a Spring Clean Up, which includes a de-thatching, removal of all twigs, leaves, first mowing, string trimming and maintenance on beds. The season ends with a Fall (final) clean up, which is a fence to fence removal of all leaves and pruning back all perennials on property. Weekly maintenance is offered as well, with a String trimming of all necessary areas, Mowing of all turf areas (clippings removed) ,blowing of property and swept clean.

Barry Bros. offers a 7 step full fertilization program. These steps help provide the essential nutrients and chemicals to ensure your lawn is healthy, green, weed and pest free. We also provide applications including pre-emergent crabgrass control, weed control, lawn fertilization, fungus control, lime, surface insect control, and grub control. We also provide Lawn restoration (renovation) services. This service includes core-aeration of all turf areas and hand raking of any dead grass areas. Spot seeding is included in areas as needed. This service takes place in the early fall. Barry Bros. is certified and licensed in pesticide use by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).